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Sevilla is one of the most important cities in Spain, with its 700,000 inhabitants is the most populous city of Andalusia and the fourth in Spain in population level is in the position 31º throughout the European Union, surely this city is very important at European and national level.

Sevilla is a very old city, founded by the ancient civilization of the Tartessos, and invaded many times, and when it was invaded by the Romans, was baptized with the name of Hispalis, then again was baptized with the name of Isbiya after the invasion of Muslims. Sevilla has been invaded many times, and from the ancient civilization of the Tartessos until today, the Capital Hispalense has been Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and finally Christian, although Roman and Muslim cultures prevailing in the streets and monuments of this beautiful Andalusian city.

Seville has the largest in Spain Old Town, and is a European level largest third, just ahead of the old quarters of Venice and Genoa is, this information is certainly very important, because if you view the city and walk through the old town of this, you know that these wandering through the most extensive in Spain old town and one of the largest in Europe, stroll through the old town of Seville is one of the reasons to visit the city.

In Seville there are many things to visit and see, you can wander through its maze of narrow streets, used by Muslims to confuse the invaders, because in them you can lose in a blink of an eye, or opportunity visiting one of the most popular districts in Spain, this can access across the River Guadalquivir by the emblematic Puente de Isabel II or more also known as the Bridge of Triana.

Visit its numerous churches, the beautiful Torre del Oro, to enter and see the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, Seville Cathedral, with its beautiful and famous Giralda, this is the icon of the city and its most famous monument worldwide . Another of the visits that you can not miss is to visit your beautiful Plaza of Spain, a beautiful place to relax and to walk in a small small boats for its canals, a place of cinema, fund known films like Star Wars: Episode II – attack of the Clones and the Dictator.

Another of the most beautiful monuments of the Capital Hispalense are the Alcazar, this is the royal palace oldest in Europe active, dating from the eighth century and has a mixture of styles ranging from Islamic to Baroque, through the Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance, a mixture that makes it declared World heritage by UNESCO since 1987, the same year as the Cathedral of Seville and the Archive of the Indies, the latter is another important monuments of Seville.

Seville has many tourist attractions and neighborhoods to do, the Capital Hispalense a visit of at least about 5 days to see it and enjoy it, and even so deserves, it may not get to see every corner and festivals as important as the Fair April and Easter, these two known internationally.

Seville is also ideal for smaller destination, because in this city is Isla Magica, a theme park not as well known as the Warner Park Madrid or Port Aventura in Salou, but has everything you need to spend a nice day and enjoy its attractions and shows.

One of the curious things we can do in the city, is the possibility of a small cruise on the River Guadalquivir, or take a ride on one of their pony cars, two different ways of looking at the city and enjoy your stay .

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